Nope. We’re against oil subsidies too!
Publius Americanus

I agree with your criticisms of government and corporations, but being rich does not mean they agree with us. Trump has used or tried to use eminent domain among other things to take an elderly woman’s house for a limousene parking lot. He uses people’s donations to his foundation to pay fines for breaking the law, he has sacrificed many small business people in his business dealings, he uses Chinese manufacturing while denouncing companies that do so. He has never shown himself to be honest or to respect the property of others- and you expect him to make things better?!

Not all change from a poor situation is for the better. Think Mao or Hitler or Lenin or Pol Pot.

We need an anti-corporate candidate and in this election we don’t have one. We need to think long term. The brightest long term spot on the electoral map no one is talking about- a state initiative inMaine to make all elections there majority vote/ranked choice. 58% of Mainers support it last I heard. If it passes it will make third parties viable at every level and never spoilers. Check it out at

And if your state has initiatives try and get one like it on the ballot.

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