This is one of the problems that create, and maintain the huge divide between the right and the…
Patricia Grier

I started out my political life as a conservative libertarian. I sill think both have valid insights even if as ideologies they are flawed. Up till early in the Bush II administration I sought to engage people who called themselves conservatives in extended serious dialogue even while being called names and hit with sound bites and opinions rather than arguments. Then I largely gave up- they would get one or usually two shots at being reasonable, and if they weren’t, I’d dump on them as they deserved.

Now so-called ‘conservatives’ voted for a man who never did anything for his country, who ripped off countless people who worked for him, who is a serial adulterer and liar regarding his family, is a proven fraud, refuses to reveal tax returns everyone else who ran for office did, even though he promised to do so if he won, said he would not necessarily accept an election if he lost, threatened to jail his opponent, stood quietly while others allied with him suggested killing her, used his foundation to buy paintings of himself, endorses torture, lies about election fraud and so attacks the legitimacy of opponents without proof, has secret connections with Russia which he lies about as, for example, when he said he is friends with Putin and saying he doesn’t know him, etc. etc.

For me now people who call themselves conservatives and/or Trump supporters get one strike, no more. You folks ‘won’ with a minority of votes at every branch of government and support destroying what a majority of Americans believe in. Your allies have made NO effort to find a middle ground. You act like conquerors, not citizens.

You personally came onto a liberal site and were insulting when you did not need to be. Now you claim you were interested in dialogue. Your comment did not indicate so and neither did your response to me. If you want dialogue, act like it and you’ll get it. Otherwise I will treat you as you treat us.

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