You have a non-biased link of an official headcount proving 2 million people left Ireland never to…
Louis Weeks

I’ll give you a link, one of many, and note that you ignored Sweden while I’m at it.

Here is some information from it

“The Famine emigrations represent one of the greatest population displacements of modern times, an exodus on a stunning scale that has no other nineteenth century parallel,” writes Dr Ciarán Ó Murchadha in his latest book, The Great Famine: Ireland’s Agony 1845–52, which was recently shortlisted for the prestigious Longman — History Today ‘Book of the Year’ international award.

“Between 1845 and 1855, approximately one-quarter of the inhabitants of an entire European nation, amounting to some 2.1 million persons, were permanently removed from their homeland.”

Over 95% of those who left Ireland during the Famine traveled across the Atlantic and about 70% of all emigrants who arrived in the United States settled — typically in cities of over 100,000 — in seven northerly states: New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois and Massachusetts.

Notice the term “permanently.”

So you are wrong, Louis, and even if I were wrong about Ireland, you would still be wrong because of the Swedish example I gave.

When being wrong about something that can be so easily checked is a cause of heartlessness towards others, I think it is time for you to reconsider how you approach life. But I doubt you will.

— -

Addendum- I just noticed the vile slander you puked out at the end of your post. Apparently unlike you, and certainly unlike those you cheer on, I opposed American aggression against Iraq both before and after our aggression, opposed both Bush and Obama’s intensification of military action in other places in the ME, and think the wisest thing we can do is leave in an orderly way, offering free immigration to America to any over there who have helped us.

If people like me had prevailed Syria today would be a dictatorship, but not the complete Hell hole it is after we destroyed existing governments and societies in the ME. The people you cheer for and support have the blood of hundreds of thousands on your hands. You now wish to trap the victims of our deeds and the horrible events that followed, preventing their fleeing, and you presume to lecture ME about humanitarian values?

But your increasingly bestial hatred for all who think differently than you makes you immune to reasonable discussion.

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