Well first of all, estimates show about 70% of illegals are using fake SSN’s and even file taxes.
Louis Weeks

In the world of honest dialogue, a world you rarely enter, if I raise an issue with a claim of yours I am not disproven because I have not taken the time to raise issues with all your claims. You say ABC and I sat at least A is BS, and you respond, “Well what about B and C?”

Unlike you Louis, I am busy. You throw out your garbage over and over again and I am content to just point out particularly smelly examples and intelligent readers can learn a man who vomits so much bilge in his posts is not worth checking out. Less BSand more quality will get you more respect from everyone, Louis.

“Mr Facts not Emotions” you cite “some estimates” without linking to a source, even the junk sources you right wingers love. I cite a credible source and you dismiss it, as you pretty consistently dismiss all facts that challenge the hate filled narrative about ‘real Americans’ being attacked by violence loving liberal fake Americas. Already I have given your response more time than it merits. Gotta go do something more pleasant.

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