Can’t put all the blame on republicans.
David Marino

It is not a “both sides do it” issue. Pat Buchanan and Ann Coulter injected talk of killing and of opponents as enemies deserving death into mainstream society, whereas it had lurked in the shadows before them. Now “Second Amendment Solutions” has become part of Republican mainstream rhetoric.

Nixon with Buchanan’s inspiration was the first president to deliberately seek to exacerbate the cultural tensions in this country. Kevin Phillips was a major strategist of the Republicans’ “Southern Strategy,” and he later regretted its role in dividing the country toxically. See his “American Theocracy.”

Right wingers applauded the acts of civil disobedience and threats of violence by the Bundy clan in Nevada and Oregon. There is no liberal equivalent.

Obama pushed a Heritage Foundation health plan opposed by many liberals - Obamacare. One adopted first by a Republican governor. This conservative proposal was denounced as tyrannical by the right.

He bent over backwards to accommodate. After Scalia’s death, Obama nominated Garland, a very moderate justice whereas Trump and McConnell gave us a complete extremist who had an opinion unanimously rejected by even conservative Supreme Court justices.

Trump was the first candidate in our history to threaten to jail his opponent and stood by quietly when others threatened to execute her if possible. He also questioned the election’s legitimacy before he won, and then questioned the legitimacy of the greater number of votes Clinton received.

There is no liberal or Democratic record that comes close to this.

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