Hey Joe, Just because the NYT hires Stephens does not mean they have changed their editorial…
Jerome Waldemar

It would be a good thing if people like you knew something about science.

There is such a thing as settled science, but it is always provisionally sett;ed. That simply means that what is taken to be true has so far withstood all tests, and no better alternative explanation exists. Newton’s mechanics were settled science for a very long time, only to be replaced in short order by relativity (which deals with the very large) and quantum mechanics (which deals with the very small). Those two apparently cannot be harmonized with one another, so physicists while confident of each in its realm, will be the first to say we have no “settled science” that integrates the two.

Reporting the news includes reporting what scientists who study phenomena say they have discovered. It also should include reporting what economic interests are financing different points of view, such as the economic interests of the coal and oil industries. This is not telling people what to think, it is giving them the information they need to think more effectively..

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