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Nice try at muddying the water.

The costs of different technologies depends in large part on who pays the costs they impose: the companies profiting, the general public, or the victims. For example: The costs of CO2 over production, assuming most of the world’s scientists who study the issue are right, will be imposed on the general public under Trump, even more than under Obama. If the companies producing the CO2 had to pay the cost, their products would cost more. That they don’t is a subsidy.

Another cost has been our need to defend access to oil. Much of our defense budget for many decades has been a price we paid for being dependent on foreign oil. That was a big subsidy paid by all Americans rather than being paid by oil producers, which would have made oil more expensive, encouraged more efficiency, and encouraged the development of alternative technologies.

See? Thinking free from sound bites can be enlightening.

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