“Binary” — well in finance, the issue is often binary.
Patrick Trombly

This is not a place where I want to go into depth as to the good and bad qualities of libertarian thinking. I’ve published extensively on it- even in libertarian journals. So only a few points follow:

Most of the time democracies are not states. States are hierarchies of domination and democracies in peace-time are usually in Hayek’s terms, spontaneous orders.

Consumers are not ‘sovereign’ in the modern capitalist market. Corporations are independent players, not ‘just vehicles’ for consumer choice, as when the food and entertainment industries used government to manipulate the law in their favor at the expense of consumers.

Atomistic individualism has been demonstrated to be fatally flawed, even by competent Austrians. Read Bruce Caldwell’s bio of Hayek if the later Hayek on the social mind is too hard or try Paul Lewis on methodological individualism in Berger and Luckmann, or even me in Guinevere Nell (ed) “Austrian Economic Perspectives on Individualism and Society.”

That’ll have to do. If you choose to engage with serious and informed criticisms of the libertarian position then we can have an interesting discussion. A place particularly good for this is on my web site where I reproduce an article on libertarianism so you don’t have to buy it in a book or a journal. http://dizerega.com/2015/06/30/turning-the-tables-the-pathologies-and-unrealized-promise-of-libertarianism/

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