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We desperately need third parties to challenge the two party corporatist establishment, one more humane than the other, but both corporatist. However the existing third parties are a joke, an egotistical trip for those who choose to run. When they matter it is as spoilers. (Thanks Ralph…)

If they amounted to anything they would be in the forefront of efforts to use state initiatives to replace plurality elections with majority vote ones with ranked choice. But over decades they have not. Maine will vote on such an initiative this November, but third parties had little or nothing to do with its getting on the ballot. (see

Further, few make any effort to win local elections, which is how candidates gain experience and recognition.

They seem to be nothing more than ego trips for the people at the top and vehicles for self-righteousness further down. Johnson might be more than that, but his party is not, and as for the Greens, whom I once thought had hope, feh.