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Well, let’s go step by step because your professor sure failed at the job.

The statement you attack was that the bill was being secretly written by all male Senators, NOT that the bill was being secretly written by a secret group of Senators. There is no difficulty in knowing who is participating in a meeting even though what goes on in the meeting is secret. It happens with juries all the time. Take some political science.

So, your first statement is completely unjustified based on the evidence at hand. The logic is flawed.

The media ignores Trumpcare because Obamacare is flawed? THINK about that statement. Obamacare is a very large program, be it good, bad, or mixed. Trumpcare would replace it, and therefore have a huge impact on people’s lives and health, be it good or bad. If Obamacare is bad, it is obviously important to people what would replace it. Will it be better? Worse? No big deal? Or help and hurt different groups than Obamacare?

If you had a bad insurance policy would you be uninterested in what a new one had?

So the reasoning you provide here is kinda stupid.

So you are not doing your college any favors by using your grades there as evidence of the quality of your reasoning.

I did not say you were stupid or incapable of reason. I said your position was illogical and stupid. Those were not insults, they were balanced assessments of what you said, as I just proved.

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