you can praise something and still not think its right for your country.
Terri Magee Henderson

Well, Terri, I cannot make a direct answer to your reading list. Here are a few of the problems with why it is a waste of time.

  1. When you equate communist socialism with Swedish or Australian ‘socialism’ you demonstrate in advance you are incompetent to enter into serious discussions. Socialism in the sense of government insurance in a market economy is completely different from socialism as a planned economy. Until you can tell the difference between the Post Office, National Parks, and many democratic capitalist nation’s health plans and communism you are not worth engaging in a serious conversation.
  2. The first article has Obama’s picture next to the red star of Communism. But Obamacare was designed by the conservative Heritage Foundation as an alternative to systems like Australia’s. It is capitalist. So why should I read such a clearly stupid article?
  3. Every nation has problems but Sweden and other Scandinavian nations have better education, better health care, better retirements, and better qualities of life based on virtually every study than we do. And they are all market economies.
  4. I asked a specific question- why does sie matter. Victoria did as well. You are silent because, I suggest, you have no idea why it would. If Australia is better maybe it’s not size, it’s because it has wild kangaroos?
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