It’s remarkable the way the Trump administration attracts the bottom-feeders and con artists like…
Charles Erickson

When northern American conservatives welcomed in Southern neoConfederates as part of the Republican “Southern Strategy” they jettisoned every principle to which they gave lip service. To gain power they abandoned any reason any person of good will would want them to have it. To a great degree, bottom feeders and thugs are all that’s left, since people of personal integrity are repelled. Trump perfectly fits who they are today.

They brought it on themselves

Northern conservatives praised the Founding fathers, neo-Confederates praised criminals who in their effort to undo what the Founders created initiated violence that killed hundreds of thousands.

American conservatives praised individual entrepreneurial initiative. Southern NeoConfederates praised a culture of parasites living like tapeworms off the labor of slaves.

No wonder men like Barry Goldwater, once called “Mr. Conservative,” denounced the theocratic ravings of Fallwell and other theocrats of the time. He loved the Constitution as he understood it, and that included freedom of religion for all. By contrast, Southern Baptists who rose to prominence as the theological support for slaver parasitism, hate the principles underlying the constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

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