User experience is a matter of pace not speed.

Timing is of paramount importance when you design user experience, I’m not only speaking about digital products. Any service sets user expectations about time, missing these expectations will create frictions and unhappy users.

Let’s have a look at some examples of how timing is at the basis of successful user experiences.

E-commerce: when a customer buys a good she wants to receive it soon. Delivery time is still one of the most critical drawback of e-commerce compared with store shopping. According to a recent study “the maximum number of days people are willing to wait for an item to be…

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What is Conway’s law

In 1968 computer scientist Melvin Conway wrote a paper with the following thesis:

Any organization that designs a system will produce a design whose structure is a copy of the organization’s communication structure.

This statement was defined Conway’s Law in the 1975 book The Mythical Man-Month. The paper and the full story can be found on Conway’s website.

Digital product organizations today

Fast forward to 2018 any tech company is desperately trying to be more Agile. An Agile company should empower small cross-functional teams in self-organizing and defining how to build products. …

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Expert interview with Arian Celina Tech Lead at Springer Nature.

I‘m conducting a series of user interviews with one of Talent Rider main segments: tech managers looking for talented developers.

Follows my interview with Arian Celina. Arian is Computer Scientist with a problem solving mindset, he is working as Tech Lead at Springer Nature in Berlin.

The most important skills for a developer are the technical skills: the ability to write clear and maintainable code. How important are soft skills for you? What soft skills are you looking for in developers?

Arian: I think for developers, the technical skills are…

Expert interview with Jonathan Morrice, CTO of Perdoo.

Perdoo office in Berlin

I‘m conducting a series of interviews with one of Talent Rider main segments: tech leaders committed in talent acquisition. The 1st person I contacted for is Jonathan Morrice, CTO of Perdoo.

Founded in 2014 in Berlin by Jonathan and Henrik-Jan van der Pol, Perdoo is the most popular OKR tool on the market. With offices in Europe and USA, they help hundreds of companies in aligning strategy and execution.

The most important skills for a developer are the technical skills: the ability to write clear and maintainable code. How important are soft…

Opera Neon dashboard

Opera > innovation

I’m a big fun of Opera Software since long time, I installed Opera Browser for the first time 20 years ago on Windows 98. It was the only browser at that time to have tabs, then they introduced speed dial with most visited sites. Almost any feature that you find in current web browsers was first introduced by Opera many years ago.

Thanks to broadband Internet and the many web tools out there, many jobs can now be performed remotely. There are even companies such as GitLab, Buffer, InVision that are 100% distributed. Here are my advices to make remote team work enjoyable.

1 Shared Docs

Google Docs has totally replaced Office Suite in my daily life. I always get excited while watching the other people typing in real time, it opened-up many cooperation possibilities that were impossible before. There are alternative solutions like Microsoft Office 365 or Zoho but Google Docs is the most diffused and it’s free to use.

2 Audio/Video call software

I used to be…

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in search of the best way for representing customer goals.

Few weeks ago I was looking for an effective way for performing user research to design new features in existing product. I decided to have a look at the Jobs-to-be-Done methodpromoted by Intercom on their free book on the theme. The book explains how the company adapted the method, used for decades in physical product innovation, to the needs of their customer messaging apps.

I found many interesting ideas in the book. It explains how to look at a your product as a solution to customers goals and it suggests…

“War Game” movie, 1983

Any technology magazine and major newspaper has at least 1 piece every week about Artificial Intelligence and how it will revolutionize, for better or worse, our future. A lot of articles have a philosophical viewpoint about the role of humans in world future.

I’m intrigued and excited by these conversations about our near future, but as a technical person I often distrust technology backed apocalyptic visions of years to come. A lot of Journalists love to write alarmist stories about facts that they barely understand and to provide readers catchy social-shareable title. …

Using Agile Scrum in software development teams I realized that it provides a set of common sense rules that can be successfully applied to other aspects of business.

Meetings are one of the major cause of productivity loss for a structured company while they are fundamental for healthy business. Here 5 rules, I stolen from Agile Scrum, you can apply to organize more effective meetings.

  1. Focus on 1 clear objective. Like a good User Story, a meeting has to be well defined and atomic. Meetings can be grouped in 3 basic aims: - Informing or updating, - Decision-making or problem-solving…

Giuseppe Costanza

Digital Product Manager with extensive experience in launching and scaling B2B and B2C digital products. I lead the product strategy and development at Amitree.

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