7 things I learned at FOSSASIA summit

18th and 19th March I’ve been at Singapore Science Center to attend the annual summit of Free and Open Source Software. It was my first time attending a tech event in Asia. Here my insights:

  1. There are people at IBM working with Agile and Open Source. Check Jason Roy Gary talk.
  2. Most of the organizers and attendees were not from Singapore. Singapore is a small country but I was surprised that no many people in the Island are interested in developing technology.
  3. Bringing designers and design process in open source communities is possible but that’s not easy at all. Check http://opensourcedesign.net/
  4. Some Italian universities (Milano Bicocca, Università di Pisa, Roma la Sapienza) are actively contributing to open source and open knowledge. https://en.wikitolearn.org
  5. Daimler automotive (read Mercedes) is experimenting with blockchain and open source. Check http://bankinnovation.net/2017/02/blockchain-is-coming-to-the-auto-industry-and-not-just-for-financing/
  6. Contributing to open source is not easy if english is not your first language. Check Masayuki Igawa Talk
  7. Japanese Nico-Tech community people are really crazy, but in a nice way. Check Masakazu Takasu talk
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