Less is more with Nokia 3310

The presentation of a 2017 version of Nokia 3310 at World Mobile Congress appears to be out of time in a market dominated by a bigger-thinner-more-powerful phones mantra.

Is that a nostalgic operation (check Nintendo Classic Mini) or an answer to a consumer demand for simplicity?

Nokia 3310 - 2017 Edition

Thinking about it, there are some interesting design points in favor of buying a features-phone today.

  1. Physical buttons, all smartphones have no more than 3 buttons used for volume and power. Any other interaction with the device denies tactile perception. The cold glass planes we swipe our fingers on all day long do not provide any physical feedback. Features phones with keypad have a powerful affordance: they use textures, materials and shapes to convey meaning and to facilitate interaction.
  2. Battery. The strongest selling proposition of Nokia 3310 is its long lasting battery. Forgetting about charging the phone is a luxury that our smartphones do not grant us and they won’t for many years.
  3. Always productive hysteria. Big screens and high specs allows us to discard laptops and tablets for almost any task. We can manage social networks, mail, IM, and be productive 24/7. That makes it very difficult to distinguish moments and places in our life with alienation consequences. Nokia 3310, with its essential features helps us to be just enough connected during the day re-establishing pace and context in ur lives.

I’m curious to see what will be the market reaction about this peculiar Nokia move. I’d like to see an even bolder approach to the less-is-more philosophy from Nokia, for ex. black-and-white e-ink display or no-camera.

Yotaphone is the only commercial smartphone with an e-ink display
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