Hi Gus, no offence taken at all.
Erik Visser

I do admit, Eric, that radioactive fallout is a wildcard with an unprecedented and thus unpredictable downside,but at least it’s not certainly a gamekiller. Given the mandate, we do know how to decommission it relatively safely.

I’m well aware of the ever-growing list of positive feedbacks being gleefully listed by NTHE websites like Nature Bats Last, but in the final analysis adaptability of the species, like beauty, is in the eyes of the beholder. The greater one’s own ability to adapt, the more possibilities are apparent for our race will be apparent. That’s why I’ve spent the last 28 years working on this: http://www.gusgriffin.net/blog/library/#toll

Even if it’s not going to be enough, I still see no alternative but to play the game out until we’ve run out of fat ladies who can sing. If we’re all goners, then I’d still like it to fall to one of my own progeny to be the Omega of our race; and, like an Eveready battery, I will keep on working to make it so while breath remains.

And my progeny need the help of your progeny, whether they know it right now or not. So there you have it — why I reached out in the first place.

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