Apple’s WWDC 2020

I checked out what they’re cooking, kinda tastes good!

The magnificent, world renown developers conference — Apple’s WWDC, took an unusual outlook this year as do most big events due to COVID-19. Nevertheless Apple as known for its brilliant displays and mind blowing features, gave developers quite an impeccable impression even though the conference was held remotely.

It kicked off with new features in iOS 14, like the Apple Library — that helps you see all your apps in one place. This gives users the edge over having to swipe through all app view pages to see or reach their apps. Also one can now hide some of these app view pages with the new Jiggle View feature — that helps you uncheck pages you don’t want to see.

A more fascinating transition feature is the Widgets-on-home-screen. The Widgets-on-home-screen feature gives users this smooth transition of widgets on the home screen — making news updates, time zone clocks, climate updates and calendar widget quite an easy reach. Added to this feature, is the smart automation of the widgets that makes asynchronous changes based on your daily schedules— with brilliant transitions actually!

Likewise, a stunning multitasking feature in iOS 14 is the picture-on-picture video support — that allows you to watch a video as you read or check other stuffs. This feature has been on Android and windows devices for quite a while now. Users have been calling out for this feature and most of them including myself, find this a lot late for apple to bring out, but it’s still relieving and useful as well.

The big news for hardware engineers — which as CEO Tim Cook put it, “a huge leap forward for the Mac”, is Apple’s transition from intel chips to their own customize Apple Chips on Mac devices. The emphasis was laid on power consumption vs performance of the chips. Apple claims the Apple chip will be the “World’s most energy efficient chip”. Well known for delivery and quality, Apple chips will improve the performance of computers and mobile devices greatly, thereby taking digital technology to whole new mind blowing level.

As some users find these features a lot more interesting and classy, most developers are not so pleased with them at all — a lot of the features have restrictions on apps from their competitors like google’s YouTube. Software developers see this as a heavy burden on their side, because it makes their work more tedious and less profiting. Apple is known for limiting its benefits purely to its users and developers, software engineers think this is quite a monopoly in the tech industry and that Apple should be more “friendly” to its competitors.

With more smiley faces on one side (users) and less smiley faces on the other (developers), one can fairly argue that Apple is quite literally guiding it’s competitors to a more advanced age of technology — like get your own OS, get your own programming language or your own microprocessor. I personally feel this will set competitors on the run for more customized features on their products as well.

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