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While I agree with the overall message you’re getting at and the necessity of changing our current toxic rape culture, I found this article pretty condescending. Believe it or not, cis white male ignoramuses such as myself can support a change in rape culture while still being alarmed by the shut down of due process that the specter of victim blaming entails.

“I even understand why you are confused and hurt. I know that you are deeply afraid of being accused of something you didn’t do and that you are acting out on that fear…I know you want evidence and I know why. You want to make sure no one would ever accuse you of such a thing. This defensive fear, however, comes from your own insecurity. You don’t trust women and/or you are afraid that you will do something that you didn’t know was wrong. That’s why you cry out against the witch hunt, the lying women, and the institutions getting involved.”

Thanks for the free psychoanalysis, Sigmund, but where I’m from you’re innocent until proven guilty. And although I do understand there are far more rape victims than false rape accusations, nobody should be able to get somebody else imprisoned merely on the basis of their accusation and nothing else. This has nothing to do with a sexist distrust of women. I would be extremely wary of any person, of any gender, having that kind of power over me.

Rape often will not leave physical evidence, especially considering the fact that it often takes some time before it is reported. I am not suggesting that physical evidence is required for a rape conviction. However, there has to be a middle ground between requiring a test tube full of your attacker’s semen to convict and a carte blanche ability to point your finger and have someone arrested.

“If your own insecurity over being accused of something you didn’t do is leading to your prejudice, then I have take a gendered stance here and ask you to man up. Set your fear aside, listen, be open-hearted. Man up.”

Yeeeaahh. Telling men you’ve never met that they are insecure, prejudiced, and need to “man up” is not a great way to get them to listen with an open heart or foster change in rape culture. Instead, how about we strive together to correct the toxic culture that has made rape so rampant. A lot of that comes from toxic masculinity norms and ideas that have led men to believe getting sex makes them The Man, and being The Man is the most important thing they can do socially. To the point that 16 year old boys are raping women in pursuit of social status. Taking a gendered stance is not necessary.