The really lovely “pro-life” people would say that you should have let yourself die with the…
Mary Ellen Carter

Mary Ellen Carter, I am generally considered “pro life.” I do understand this woman’s situation was different and terrible. I am not a horrible person, and contrary to your opinion, I love women and babies. You see, my biological mother tried to abort me but by the grace of God, by the time she had the funds, I was too far along. Unfortunately, all of my siblings were aborted. Not due to medical reasons as this poor blogger but by someone who just didn’t want babies and refused any birth control methods. So yeah, I want to live, I love being here, and it sickens me to think I almost lost my chance because people like you are for it. Again, I am not so extreme that I think or would dare say this blogger is wrong. I understand medical needs. I even understand the pain of rape victims. What I don’t get is those who just kill off perfectly healthy babies. That doesn’t mean I am horrible nor does it mean I don’t care. We don’t all fit into one box nor can we be generalized.

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