Should I learn all the new JavaScript stuff?

Simple answer: Yes.
Complicated answer: well, read along…

I’m a developer who likes to learn everything. Well not everything, and family and health are prioritised higher than work. But I have a lot of colleagues that thinks I’m always following the horde of this weeks’ fresh JavaScript framework.

A typical morning starts with me reading the news. That is often limited to Hacker News or my perfectly curated Medium article feed. Whenever I find something interesting I read about it (yes, my attention span is extremely narrow), and when I arrive at work I often tend to discuss this with my colleagues. In some cases I pull up my laptop and actually try out some of the concepts.

The key here is concepts. Where many see the jump between techniques from day to day, I choose to see that as an orientation of concepts. When the flux architecture was presented it was the concept that got my attention, not necessarily the complete API. Same thing when redux variation of flux came along, I listened to the motivation to it and gained more insight into the concept of immutable state management and to some level, event sourcing.

By knowing a little about a lot of things I believe I’m in a better position of judging my team’s next technical decision, or even implement my own code better with the concepts of the masters in the back of my head.

There might be a small disclaimer though: I work as a software consultant. It’s in my interest to know a little bit of everything. Working at a product company with little or no change to the framework stack wouldn’t require you to learn anything else than their specific setup. But for now, that doesn’t sound like fun to me.