Fear tend to distract us from experiencing flow

So we have all had the experience what we like to call being in a flow state, where you are completely absorbed in an activity and everything just seem to fall into place, all by itself.

However, usually fear is one factor that tend to distract us from that present state of complete brilliance.

And so whether it’s fear of rejection, fear of being abandoned or fear of failure, accept that fear and experience it in the moment, suddenly what was keeping you from progressing now dissolves since your mind realize there is no danger. It was just all in your head.

So for example say you are terrified of heights and water, and you are about to experience cliff jumping for the first time in your life. So let’s imagine you are standing there at the edge of a clip, looking down at the water front and your whole body starts to shiver and shake because you are about to have a new experience, something that is unknown to you. And what usually happens in those senarios is you don’t take immediate actions, instead you hesitate or stay passive rather, and your rational mind take over the situation. And once the rational mind has the control, there is no way to think your way through doing it, you just have to “face your fear” in this case, by allowing the emotions you are experiencing to be there, feel it in your body instead of thinking about it. And when you learn to feel those emotions, you start to get in touch with your natural being. And that intense genuine charismatic aura that shines through, that just overwhelms people with joy and gratitude and love and everything you can imagine. Only then and there you hear that, “who is this guy? ;)”

You are being truthful to your experience we like to call life, you are suddenly no longer holding back, putting up fronts and guards, you are simply just expressing yourself. That’s what happens when you start experience fear or any other emotions, it dissolves and you start experiencing life. Which I’d like to call flowing through life.

In conclusion: If you are not comfortable facing your fears, know that you can also train yourself to trust your intuition. But that’s another story.


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