Gustav Simonsson
May 26, 2018 · 1 min read

I’m well aware of BTC batching txs, and I do find it to be one of the better features of Bitcoin’s UTXO model. However, batching is used in Ethereum too and quite easy to code up (more and more apps/systems are making use of it).

So to more accurately measure throughput we’d have to compare BTC tx fee per input/output (more specifically size as fees are per byte) versus Ethereum gas model. That would definitely be interesting, and would probably decrease the stated 4X to perhaps 2–3X.

However, that is the scope of another article as it’s not trivial to directly compare all BTC txs to all ETH txs. For example, while BTC batching vs ETH loops over the CALL op code are easier to compare, other types of txs such as interactions with decentralized exchanges or auction contracts are much harder to compare, especially when they involve capabilities only available on one of the chains.

I’d love to find time to write more about BTC vs ETH in terms of tx fees and how fees map to specific capabilities, to shed more light on the practical throughput of both chains. Feel free to share references to relevant data (e.g. stats on batching) you think should be used for a more in depth comparison.

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