The Reason

It all started off as an ordinary day, but now the memory of that day and what transpired it forever etched in my head. They say that there is always a reason, a reason that time will heal everything, but neither time nor reason, will change the way I feel. For no-one knows the heartache. That lies behind our smiles. No-one knows how many times, we have broken down and cried. I want to tell you something so there won’t be any doubt. You’re so wonderful to think of, but so hard to be without…

That day I was in math class doing this huge packet on solving quadratics. I was the first one to finish the packet probably because I am such an algebraic math master like that. Since I finished the packet early, I asked my teacher, Mrs. Fox, if I could go to another class, Construction En./ Tech Ed, to work on another assignment. She called Mr. T to ask him if it was alright to come to his class, and he said yes so she gave me a pass and I made my way down to Mr. T class to work on my bridge design. To be honest, it was like free time for me whenever I finished my work on time or had nothing else to do. I would always put my music on blast and dive into my project. Most of the time, Mr. T would be in another room connected to the room I was working in, other times he would be sitting on his desk, and almost every time he wouldn’t be in the room at all. That day he was in the room, but just for a few minutes, because he told me he had to go pick up his sick daughter from school; but, he still allowed me to stay in the room working on the bridge because he knew what a responsible mature young kid I was (well most of the time). While I was working on the bridge, I noticed someone was staring at me from the window. The reason I knew this, was because of the black screen of my phone reflecting on that person. I wasn’t scare at all just a bit curious of who would be lingering around the hallways at this time. I had an idea of who it was. She opened the door and walked in. I jokingly, but with kind of a serious tone, asked her, “ aren’t you suppose to be in class?”, never taking my eyes of the bridge with a pair of pliers in one hand gripping tightly to a nail and with a hammer in another hand. She said she just wanted to walk in and say hi, and explained she was bored back there in her class so she was just wasting a little time till the school day was almost over. I responded, “oh ok” still focusing on the bridge. Then, all of a sudden the room got silent a for a minute. This directed my attention away from my project and I took a quick glance at her and noticed she was staring blankly into the ground with a kind of sad look on her face and I knew something was wrong. I looked at her and asked, “what’s wrong?” She kept her eyes cast down at the ground and without making eye contact she replied, “ nothing, I’m fine”.Having known her since for a little while I knew how she acted whenever she was excited, happy, angry, scared, and even sad. I’ve always admired whenever she felt sad she wouldn’t talk about it; she would somehow find the strength to keep pushing forward; but, sometimes I would have wished she would have told me what was wrong for somehow I could have helped. As she was walking away and half way towards the door, without thinking twice I told her I might need some help on this bridge, “ wanna help me?” She looked back and smiled, and came and sat right next to me and we started talking, telling jokes, laughing, being goofy, and listened to Green Day I think or was it Aventura?… I’m pretty sure it was both. The school day was almost over, so we started packing up and I walked her toward her bus and left. When I got home I started wondering if she was really alright. I reminded myself to ask her best friend to ask her about her if things were really fine. The next day, I was talking to her best friend and she told me something that broke my heart into a million pieces. I learned the reason she had been sad that day was because someone really close to her had passed away. I’ve seen the way she’s been treated by other kids in her class and realized she probably needed a friend. So I made a decision to talk to her if she was comfortable talking about it. I was working on my bridge alone putting some color on it, when she walked in and I asked her if she wanted to paint with me, she seemed very excited when I asked her and she said yes. Grabs a paint brush and starts painting it black and red on the bridge ( to be honest she’s a really good painter/drawer). As we were painting, I noticed she was painting on my finger and slowly daydreaming away. I told her that I knew what happened to her grandmother, and that it’s alright to talk about it, and not to bottle emotions in. She got up and turned her back on me, she was about to cry and she whispered “ You don’t know what it feels like”. I walked towards her and placed my hand on her shoulder, I told her “ I know how it feels to lose someone you love”. “You feel hopeless, scared, angry, frustrated, alone, and afraid… I’ve been through it trust me I know… grief is the worst feeling in the world I know, but I care alot about you and I wouldn’t want you to face this things alone without a friend, I’ll be here for you I’ll always be here for you”. She turned around and gave me a tight hug while crying, she seemed kind of calm/sad still but at the same time, happy to know someone cared for her at her worst moment, (Not gonna lie, but that day I had two slices of pizza so that tight hug made me feel like I was gonna throw up on her… thankfully I didn’t lol) But there I was hugging her, I’m usually the last one to let go since you don’t know how much the other person needs the hug more than you do. So I put some Green Day, “Wake me up when September Ends” to make her feel a bit better. This was the first time I had ever seen her cry which minded me that people cry, not because they’re weak. It’s because they’ve been strong for too long. She giggled on my chest and says “only you would put Green Day to make me feel better… you’re such a corn… but your my corn” Ever since that day has passed when she was crying wrapped up tightly around my arms, listening to the soothing song of Green Day ( Wake Me Up When September Ends) I’ve learned that instead of building a person down you should build them up.

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