I saw a redesigned Apple Music, so I (kinda) redesigned it again

Since Apple Music has laucnhed a while ago (back in 2015) I’ve been using it since day 1 (and about hour 4), and it has changed, a lot.

From a very thin interface on iOS 8 to the extremely bold one on iOS 11, the UI and UX has grown together with the system. Apple seems to realize that some parts are gold (recommendation for an example), some are trash (connect, why you still here?) and some are a doubt (Beats 1 is gold but SO underground on the platform).

Because of that, a lot of designers has taken it’s time to try fixing the problems and approching new solutions and features. About 5 months ago I stumbled upon on a redesign that caught a lot of attention here in Medium. A person who tried to get an internship on Apple, got refused, and then did an AMAZING JOB. Here’s the article:


The ideias of Jason Yuan are great, but by this time Apple has done some of then, and other I think (and people on comments) are kinda outside the road (DON’T THINK I AM HATING ON HIS JOB, JUST TRYING TO UNDERSTAND IT THE SAME WAY EVERYONE DOES WITH APPLE, thank you).

So I decided to make (kinda) a redesign as well (my first actually). So the ideia is to present the “new stuff” and explain why I did it. What I have is really small but the concept is here. I just developed one ideia, and some snippets of others. But enough talk, let’s talk about the project.

Today, a feature I would LOVE to download from App Store

When Apple presented iOS 11, one of the highliths were the new redesigned App Store. They said it was beautiful, and now using it, I can confirm. It’s really clean and the content is well presented, but there’s one part of the app that really makes me use it more, the Today tab.

The Today tab (it’s in portuguese because I’m brazillian)

The ideia behind the Today tab is to promote new content everyday, showing new apps, interviews with developers and lists of apps. So, I decided to do the same on Apple Music, but merging it with “For You” tab, and here it is:

The Today view on Apple Music is here to upgrade the “For You”, giving you recommendations based on what you and your friends listen, your favorites shows on Beats 1 and your favorite artists on your library. It is yet your hub for notifications of new artists realeases and upcoming shows on Beats 1. And it’s really simple!

from left to right: Beats 1 expanded card, notification to show turned on, notification popping up

Everyday new cards appear with new content for you. If you want save something to listen later or through out your week, you can pin the card at the top of your list. If you want just listen what’s going on, just press the big play button. Want more information, open the card and read through the story.

from left to the right: cards open, card pinned, card expanded

The cards could be anything related to the service, from a album release or new episode of an original series to new playlists from curators on the service (yes, this is a thing that exists but it’s really hiding on the service, recommend the Pitchfork ones)

Goodbye to the search tab, hello to the Watch tab

One thing that a lot of users of the service complain is:

Why the heck there is a whole search tab for something that is made to a small screen?!

And I really want to know the answer to that question. You lost a full page that could have content easy to you, but know, a blank page with a keyboard. So I ripped of this, and simply put the search on all the pages (if you’re complaining, before you had 1, now you have 5).

Instead I put a Watch, yes, watch. Doesn’t matter if you like or hate the ideia of Apple producing videos and original series, it’s happening, and it’s easier to make a better UI than changing all the producing stuff. So, what content lives on a watch tab? Yes, you’re right, music.

See, that’s the ideia that goes right now. I really want you to take a time and analize what’s going on nowadays. There’s a musical note written browse on it, and the firts thing that pops up when you tap it, the Carpool Karaoke ad.

It’s not obvious. Adding a Watch tab make all this thing away from the music, but since it’s music related, still in the service. And even though you may think “I don’t like the Carpool whatever or Planet of the whatever apps” there’s a lot of great video content from Beats 1.

The anchors of that radio really do great interviews, the Beats 1 team produces documentarys and concerts. It’s all on the service, but where? With the Watch tab you can checkout, straigth on the content you want, interviews, concerts, documentarys, it’s easy and obvious.

A snippet of an ideia that plays with your content.

By this time you must have noticed that I’ve used an old iPhone 5s for building the interface, why? It’s the one that I have, and seems that Apple forget about I am not the only one.

Compared to the huge iPhone (insert number 6 to 8 here) plus, with it’s gigantic screen the bold text may not be seem a problem. But with a 4 inches screen the ideias change.

See, Apple is not coming back to the iOS 7 or 8 vibes (hope not), so I am embrancing their ideias and making something new.

Based on this, I got really sad when I go to my library, where there’s no ads for other music, album, concerts, shows, whatever, and what I see is a list. Really? A list? My music is (not) a list.

The ideia so, really simple, put a horizontal slider. Takes less space, it’s all over the system already and it’s really easy to use.

This is just the beginning

This is my firt redesign, the first UI, and first project. The ideias here have come together after long talks with one of my friends Filipe Xavier (Instagram @filipemelnik) a really hard core user of Apple Music.

Hope you guys like it!

On Instagram I’m @gustavo_supimpa and here’s the link to this same project on Behance: https://www.behance.net/gallery/57390831/Apple-Music-redesign

Thank you for taking your time to read it!