3 steps you would like to consider if your road is being tough

We all set goals, but what if something else happens?

Being tired of our days happens to everyone. Sometimes I see myself doing things I don’t want to do and without any reason, like I’m a machine. Why does it happen?

We always dream with trips and experiences we might have. We focus on our next goal. But what we forget is that there is a long road ahead.

Perhaps you want to move out and live abroad, so you work over and over, because that’s the only way we make money, and if you’re not Christopher McCandless, you need it to do so.

Money is the anthem of success.

One thing we forget about setting a goal is that it is a goal. Something that is yet to come with pain, joy and effort before.

When things get complicated, such as a disease or a crisis, we quickly think that nothing is never going to work or be done some day.

It is one of the main causes of depression. Facing a challenge is actually pretty challenging. 
People get frustrated when their dreams are not as they planned to or when something is just missed or added on the way.

So, what can we do if our goals seem to be too far from happening even if we’re giving everything of us?

1. Be open minded

It is true that we have to live each day and that we can’t escape from it.

When something appears from nowhere we might be shocked at first, but being open minded guides you to think clearly.

For example: you just bought a new car. You feel good about it and want to go out every weekend with your friends by yourself. You might even take them too. But then you get fired. What now? 
You have expend most of your money on your car and with your friends, then now you have no salary. 
How do be open minded about it?
Being the drama queen won’t take you anywhere. So, there’s no excuse for not taking a job that pays less than the one before. You need money. Any, at least.

Being open minded gives you clarity that anything can happen. Be prepared to accept the challenges.

2. Control your mind

Controlling your mind makes you powerful. You suddenly stop thinking about stuff that will put you down, such as a fight with a family member or a problem with your schedule.

When things get out of our control, we start to feel oppressed by our own selves.

Avoid thoughts like "I can't do anything correctly".

If you stopped doing that, you’re already to the 3rd step.

3. Enjoy the road

Think about everything you got until now. You might have felt low, cried alone and stayed in bed hoping your Sunday lasts forever.

All of this are still part your road. You kept going until now despite that, why to stop in this point?

You're finally getting closer. You get closer every day, after every word you say and every step you take. It is the road.

Enjoying it and making fun of yourself helps you in each step above.

Don't be a pain to yourself.

Be aware that things can (and will) happen and accept them as chapters of your story. It will be worth it even more at the end.