Why not to put yourself on a pedestal

You’re not the only one who wears a different shirt.

Imagine you’re seeking for a new shirt. You find a good one, try it on, watch yourself in the mirror while thinking about the pants you could wear it with. You feel confident and buy yourself the shirt. 
When you’re going out with your friends, you wear the new shirt and leave your home. By the time you meet your friends, they’re not wearing the same shirt you are. What happens?

Nothing. Nothing really happens just because you and your friends are not wearing identical shirts. Why?

Because you know they have different tastes and opinions for clothes. And that's just okay! But what does this comparison help us on?

Having a different taste for music, clothes or people is hard, especially when you're the only one in your ground. You try to fit in some groups but it never seems to work when all hands and whispers are up and about you.

People can be different in several ways: they can be politically and sexually different. They can believe or do things differently. They can differently be colored or be part of another culture. Etc.

People like to separate each other from "race", but what they disconsider is that we all do have the same race: human race
We might be black, white or asian, but we are still humans. People with feelings, thoughts and beliefs.

When they realise that separating people is a way to become more and more individual, they will see the waste of time they’re having.

We all do need affection, love, patience. And we can't get or improve that by being alone, without knowing others. That's called social formation. We must not be alone putting ourselves on pedestals just because we think we're the ones who's right.

If we do so, we'll feel the evil pride. We'll feel like we have to fight everyone and put them down just because we're the "supremes". We're not.

Be proud of being who you are without letting others down. You wouldn’t like to be attacked by others who doesn’t wear the same shirt as you.

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