What if we could start all over?

I’ve asked myself that question every single day now for the past couple of months. I don’t know why, I don’t know how, and I don’t know what I find so alluring about that question. Is it the sense of regret that takes hostage your mind? Is it the sense of nostalgia that floods your heart? Or is it the sense of hope that mixes in with nostalgia and regret to foster the “This Is It” mindset. The this is THE opportunity, this is THE precise moment in time in our human history to take action and make X, Y, or Z, not a dream but a reality; and to not be that fool who lets the opportunity slide be his fingers.

I’ve always told my colleagues since before graduating high school I was going to drop out, or at least stop out of college. I sensed it, I sensed there was something bigger, something alluring, something intriguing waiting to be found and that my schooling should be put on hold when the time came. This time came and that’s exactly what I did this past December. — I stopped out of Babson College. I knew I was going to build Cenas Empresariales with an awesome team. I knew I was going to scale AMA Body till the point of gaining financial independence. I knew I was going to work on all the projects yet announced. What I didn’t know was why. Don’t get me wrong, I know my reason as to why I do all this: it’s because I believe that entrepreneurs can and will save Puerto Rico. What I didn’t know is why my senses were acting up so funny and propelling me to something I didn’t see then. Well, now I see it and it is unreal.

This is probably the most daunting, goosebumps-giving, sleep-deprivating venture I’ve set my head, my words, my actions, and my heart for. Let’s not ask what if we could start all over. Let’s give the ability to millions of citizens in 120+ countries in the world the ability to start all over again and hit the reset button for a more just, more open, and a more connected world.

Mark your calendars: August 2016.

— Gustavo A. Diaz Skoff —