Gustavo Gutierrez CRNA - Military History

The roots of the United States Military can be traced to a time before the signing of the Declaration of Independence. In the years since that time, many Americans, such as Army veteran and CRNA Gustavo Gutierrez, have found an interest in the growth and evolution of the U.S. military. The birth of the armed forces can be attributed to the Congress of Confederation which directly established the Army of the United States in 1784.

With countless battles fought, the stories and relics passed on to generations are treasured reminders of the nation’s military history. Many families were torn apart during the battles of the Civil War between both the Union and Confederate armies. During this war, the nation saw the abolishment of slavery in the United States. That conflict was just one of many that shaped the framework of families across our nation and impacted the people of the United States on a very personal level. Another was in 1917 when our military would have one of its most stringent tests after President Woodrow Wilson declared war on Germany. This war would draw in the world’s super powers in a global conflict on eastern soil. Although not the last, World War I helped push the U.S. to invest in the military as one of the nation’s greatest resources.

The military has played an integral part in the history of the United States, from protecting sovereign lands to assisting in the abolishment of slavery. Veterans and fellow Americans such as Gustavo Gutierrez, CRNA, act as the caretakers of the nation’s military history and help uphold the traditions and memories for future generations.