What you gonna do about it?

So, on a random Tuesday you wake up and realize that you’re actually doing pretty much nothing about it. That sucks, it really does.

Me, Gus, I wanna share something with you, and I don’t mind if what I’m gonna say would make you uncomfortable, but what you gonna do about it if so?

In general, most of the time, I don’t like to say things that fits in most of the cases just to make my truth the truest one, but people tend to do it a lot and if you don’t stop sometimes and think about it, you’ll end up being influenced by some stranger, and by stranger I mean somebody who doesn’t know you the way you actually are in the inside, that is, everybody else.

Think, just for a moment, a brief one.

What is the most valuable thing for you? The one which is not material, the one you call your life goal or something like this. Think about it and let me say, with a lot of respect, that I don’t care. You don’t have to tell me what that thing is, you actually doesn’t have to tell it to anybody. Nobody truly deserves this pleasure. You’re the only God of your own story, just keep it for yourself, at least for now. By this moment, this particular one, I mean, this is something to be a one time reading, so, if this is your second time reading this, you probably have done the opposite or you didn’t read the rest of my posts. Both scenarios sucks, but I’ll let it go. Moving on, you should think about what you wanna do right now. I want you to think about it. It can be anything.

Let me start this, okay? I’m gonna show you what I’m trying to say in the hardest way possible, that is, not saying it, and you should be amazed, if you don’t, you’ve read it wrong (or for the second time). Pay attention, you could ask me — Hey, Gus, what you wanna do now? — I could answer that, but I’m not going to. How it feels when somebody just ignores you? How it feels when the message didn’t got a response? I could make it now, I could make you uncomfortable just ending this text right here, but I’m not going to, as you can read.

What I wanna do so? I wanna write code and do math. I’d like to be good at math as some of my friends. I wanna write a piece of software that inspires people so hard that Google would call me tomorrow in the morning and offer me money to be their employee and still being as dreamer as I’m now for the rest of my life. I wanna be in shape and I wanna be able to be a friendly and smarter version of me by tomorrow. I want the world to be mine, but it’s not going to happen. It’s not going to not because I can’t, or because I’m not capable of it, it’s just because I’m writing this for you right now.

Why? So, you can go to your Facebook right now, you can go whatever the hell you want to go, but you gonna notice something. Somebody is doing something somewhere. Posting about it, commenting about it, doing it yet, planning it, etc. This could provoque many reactions on you, I’ll only comment about two of them. You could be sad or you could be motivated.

Let’s pretend that you’re sad right now (if you’re actually sad, this is good).

I started writing this piece of text on a random moment my life. I didn’t wanted to be something that people would comment about it and share. I just wanted to make it real. Sometimes it’s necessary to do your job, your thing, whatever the hell you wanna do, without expecting it to be accomplished or appreciated by someone else. I made it and I have to tell, I have done it for a few moments during my entire life. Random things that worked.

What you’re reading by here was something that I didn’t planned to do, something random that I just did. What you’re reading by here it’s something that was made real without a good plan, without deep thoughts about it. It was something that I just did.

I know, by the moment I’m writing this sentence, it’s not a perfect text, but it’s definitely something, and by something you can compare it to the thing you’ve made two months ago and you can’t even remember what was it. It’s something that triggered your life at some point of it and that’s why you shouldn’t read this two times. Time matters. That’s why I asked you, what you gonna do about it?

I made you to think about what you want to do right now. I made you to read the entire text expecting a majestic final. You didn’t stopped and thought about what I said about people who influences others. There’s no good reason to finish this, but you’re going to!

Be random, in the good way. Be a spark, but be the one that burns the entire wood.

You could be motivated, you could be sad, but now it doesn’t matter. Let me go ahead and say; please, don’t need to answer that, but what you gonna do about it?

If you didn’t stopped to read and made your way out in the world, I can only be sorry and thanks to your attention. You’ll find out what inspires you.