Roasted Quail Stuffed with Grapes , Blue Cheese Sauce

Traditional French Main Course to bring exquisite recipes to your fine dining table for special ocacsions.
Main ingredients
2 big quails
1 bunch of white grapes, peeled, seeded
Forcemeat (stuffing)
20g butter
1/2 onion, chopped
quail or chicken livers
50g foie gras, cooked and diced
25g grapes (fresh grapes in season or golden raisins / sulantas)
1 slice of fresh bread, diced
1 tbsp wellow wine
1 tbsp grappa
1 thyme spring
250g poultry wings or poultry carcasses grapes or golden raisins (sultanas)
150 ml chicken stock
150 ml veal stock
50 ml cream
10–25 g Blue cheese
salt, freshly-ground white pepper
Darphin potatoes with Mushrooms
500 g potatoes (big)
100 g cultivated mushrooms, sliced
1 tbsp parsley, chopped
30 ml peanut oil
30 g butter
salt, pepper
potato starch (optional)
Meat — 200° / 17 Minutes
Potatoes — 200° / 06–04 Minutes
1. Take the Qualis meat and remouve all the hair with one knife , cut the head, cut the wings, ” monchone ” the bone from the leg and remouve the skin, remouve all the fat from the skins separe all the clearne skins to add on the sauce. Clearne insaid of the qualis very well and keep all the organs .
2. Cut all the lags and leave just the breast . Take the breast and remouve the good parts with skins and leave the bone . Take the bone and cut to add on the sauce .
3. Separe all the trymmings from the qualis (wings,organs,bone,skin,blood) to cut in small pieces and leave on the side to the sauce .
4. Now start fraid with butter all the trymmings from qualis except the organ with blood . Remouve all the ingredients from the pan and leave on the side, add on the pan the veal stock and the ckicken stock, scrub the bottom of the pot very well and add all the ingredients back to boiling all together .
5. Now fraid the duck river and the chicken river, drizzle the river with wine and add in one bol, add the onions to fraid and leave all and add on the bol, leave in the said .
6. Cut all the bread in smolls cubs to fraid with oliver and leave in one bol.
7. Now add in one bol the onions, crystal fruit, grappa, herbs and cut the duck river and the chicken river in smolls cubs to add in the bol, the bread crutons and mix all together, add salt, pepper and add all this in one bag .
8. Add the stuffed insaid of the breast and legs, clouse with toothpicks the front .
9. To cook the qualis meat you add the sauce in the pot, add oil,butter and oven for 17 minutes
10. Cut the mushrrom in sliced to fraid with butter and chopped all the herbs to mix together, salt, pepper and leave in the said .
11. Drae the sauce and reduce . Add the cream when you get a good sauce texture, mix well and add the cheese, add Raisins insaid of the sauce .