My Favorite apps in 2015

I particularly can say something about a lot of apps in production section of App Store

As you can see below, i can’t be the guy who has most apps in the world but I have a lot of them

I reached in a mark of 165 apps no my iPhone and as beta tester doing some comparatives of apps that do the same thing, I usually show what app is better, in features and design UX, UI…

So, I can start classifying the best developers: Readdle, but why ?

Every single app they do are amazing and useful, I just don’t have the Calendar5, so, no more wasting time, let’s go:

  1. Printer Pro by Readdle (You can print a document in any printer in the same network)
  2. Documents by Readdle (Manage your cloud files from Box, Dropbox, Yandex Disk, Google Drive, OneDrive, SugarSync, Office 365, FTP, and much other, open zip files, use the incorporated browser for safe and all of it can be protect with a passcode and/or touch ID if your device has this feature)
  3. Scanner Pro by Readdle (Scan documents and send ,automatically or not, directly to the cloud, easy to use and very good UI)
  4. PDF Expert by Readdle (Use, Manage, sign, and much other things you can do with PDF Expert)
  5. Spark Mail by Readdle (Can be the best app for manage mails, HTML signature, excellent UI and UX)
  6. Weafo by Marblzz (Use your wifi connection to transfer files to any other device, and receive too)
  7. 1Password by AgileBits (The best vault to keep you username/password of any place you logged in or to remember your password)
  8. CloudBeats Pro by Willengale Solutions (To sync your cloud service, download your music to cache of app and listen when you want, or you can listen your music without download, like streaming)

As a bonus, all my cloud apps and their capacity:

  • Google Drive (USA 15GB)
  • Dropbox (USA initial 2GB, can be reached till 16GB with friends indications)
  • Box (USA 50GB)
  • OneDrive (USA 30GB)
  • Yandex Disk (Russia 10GB)
  • Hubic (France 25GB)
  • MEGA (New Zealand 50GB and 2048-bit cryptography)
  • Cloud Mail.Ru (Russia 100GB)

So, follow me on Twitter @gustavosaez and enjoy the tips, you can ask me anything about any app and if I don’t know anyone I will search and indicate the best for you!

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