I am 15 and want to be an entrepreneur

In the Summer of 2015 I decided to go to an Entrepreneur Camp. This camp was exclusive to kids/students in grades 10–12, so being an 8th grader, this camp was pretty eye-opening. I learned a lot of things concerning how to work on a tight schedule (The camp was 5 days long) and and how to visualize ideas on a whole new level. I began to realize how the many steps went into making every day things happen that people usually take for granted. What stood out to me in these processes is not, however, how many steps there were, but how much collaboration went into making everybody’s Business Model. At age 13 I had difficulty understanding some aspects of making a business, but after two years of researching and experimenting I believe I understand entrepreneurship enough to make my own business.

I am nearly at the midst of my teenage years and decided that I wanted to get my life started as soon as possible, furthering my resumé extensively in the process. Of course it might come to be a little difficult during my school career, but I think that if I begin soon enough, mostly everything could prove to become self-sustainable. Of course there’s one small problem: Networking and collaboration.

I’m not as concerned about collaboration as I am about networking because I’ve never actually been very good at it. Networking is one of those things my older brother (22) keeps talking about when speaking with people from all across the world. And hearing from all of his interesting endeavors so far, it’s something which just sounds really scary to me- striking up a conversation to begin a relationship with a complete stranger, in hopes that it will bring future opportunities and maybe, success. Remember, I am 15 right now. This means that I have had barely any contact to any professional prospects in life and have no experience whatsoever. Attempting a shot at becoming a child entrepreneur doesn’t seem like a bad idea, but the amount of work which will have to go into this might be a little to much to comprehend at first.

I think I could figure out a possible way to function networking on a successful level. I could talk to my parents’ contacts, to my brothers’ contacts, or ever look online through people on social medias, pitching whatever idea I decide on and hope for a response of interest. I will keep this plan in Beta, as it’s still in it’s first forms, but I might post updates as I go on.

The one thing which keeps me going throughout this project is just that I love the idea of making a company- having control in developing a certain aspect of a global market is tantalizingly interesting to me. Finding new ideas in design is a generally fun hobby of mine including updating old designs to be new.


(One project which I have had a lot of interest in recently was revolutionizing the Music player industry. I decided to take a look at why people listen to music on their phones, and then why people used to listen to music on mp3 players. I combined the idea in this high-tech render of what I believe could revamp the Mp3 player industry forever)

Front View (Left) — Top-Left View (Right)
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