Flyway is the Apache v2 licensed open-source tool that makes database migrations easy. You can think of Flyway as version control for your database. It lets you evolve your database schema easily and reliably across all your instances.

Some of its features included:

  • Smooth database migration

1. Installation

Add the Flyway dependency to your pom.xml or build.gradle if you’re using Gradle instead of Maven.



implementation ‘org.flywaydb:flyway-core:6.4.3

Optionally, if you want to use Flyway with command line eg. mvn flyway:info or ./gradlew …

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Much like Nginx, IIS is a web server on Windows that allows you configure to serve different kinds of purpose. From serving static files, to hosting a php application directly using, etc.

But when it comes to reverse proxy, Windows IIS is not as straight forward as Nginx. This article will show you how to setup a reverse proxy in a Windows IIS server.

Step 1. Install Routing Extensions

By default, IIS does not come with reverse proxy routing capability. To enable it, we need to manually install certain extensions first. Click the links below to download & install the extensions.

  1. Application request routing extensions

Declarative UI isn’t a new guy in town. It’s been around since 90s like how you use Visual Basic and other WYSIWYG UI builders. Though most of the well known mobile frameworks we know have typically adopted imperative style UI as their building culture, and so far it’s working just fine.

However, since the rise of React, the mobile development is also slowly shifting its paradigm towards declarative style. From React Native, to Google’s Jetpack Compose, Flutter, and to Apple’s SwiftUI.

Declarative style UI lightens the burdens on developers from manually defining the steps to construct and mutating the UI.

Declarative UI vs Imperative UI


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