I’m held down by something that I have no knowledge of, the feeling is harsh, other times pleasant, i don’t understand it but it doesn’t stop at my understanding, it has no consideration of my being, it buffets me some days and other days it just exists, it’s there holding everything in place, men try to understand it and control it but reality is i fight against a force that governs everything.

My mind has no gravity most days, it flits and flies, and then goes to tremendous highs and unsightly lows in seconds, why, because I like the height and the depth, I have always liked the height, I have always liked the depth, I cannot see why I confuse myself with directions when inside my core feels stretched out in every direction every second. Where will I go this next time? Will I rage or be as gentle as a lamb, will I cry or be as happy as a lark, will I steadily walk in a monotonous step with a controlled gaze set steadily on the way right in front of me or will I soar up to the peaks to gaze at what’s ahead and get lost in the awe and grandeur, the choice is mine now with no one to govern the way I choose.

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