Learn to let go

Still from “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”

Words been said and written, tongues been bitten
Sorrys exchanged with trembling voices and tearful eyes 
which somehow just felt like pretty little lies.

Connections run deep and through
yet a mouth can’t find the right expressions to
share what’s on the mind, let alone what’s on the heart.
Why should things f*cking end before others start?

Lost love is not gone
but memories have strong roots and are hard to ignore.
Mind over matter cries the mind itself,
yet the heart keeps longing for more.

Eager to grasp the grip they are losing
on things not in their control nor in their choosing
hands reach for a head which has had
enough of mentally self abusing.

Learn to let go,
what’s been done is done 
and things might change. 
Yet waiting on changes to come won’t help one bit,
because people are complicated and 
love remains strange.


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