21 Strategies for Mastering Skills, Mentorships and Mindsets
Benjamin P. Hardy

“As with all things in life, you get what you want. If you prefer to make excuses and justifications for a lack of progress, then just admit you prefer your current station in life. Self-acceptance can be a beautiful thing. However, once you desire progress more than convenience, obstacles no longer stop but propel you.”

“The only constant in the universe is change.” This highly touted slogan is often the reason why goals change accordingly. I always wanted to be an Air Force Pilot until I found out my vision disqualified me, so I had to discover another goal for my life. When I was in college I thought about being an engineer, but discovered I had a better aptitude for Psychology so I changed majors. Meanwhile I had taken a couple of computer courses so I decided artificial intelligence would be a good way to marry the two. However, I never found a way to bridge them, so I decided to focus on my computer expertise as my life’s vocation. That paid off handsomely.

“Make hay while to sun shines” is another highly touted slogan that motivates highly ambitious individuals, who are often envied by those around them. The lazy and procrastinators try to get them into their camp, but to no avail. The ambitious may enjoy their company, but move ahead as soon as an opportunity presents itself. They refuse to compromise their goals for the sake of comradery. They focus instead on those who can get them ahead.

The “only fly in the ointment” is the number of goals I pursue. I have my professional goals. I also have my personal goals. And if I have a family there are the goals festering among them. I may have to compromise my ambitions for the sake of others in my family as they may have a higher priority than me. These conflicting goals, especially if they involve long-term illnesses, may force me to postpone my current trajectory until these conflicts are resolved.

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