7 Powerful Morning Routines That Will Make You Mentally Strong
Elle Kaplan

“Being an effective executive doesn’t mean sacrificing everything for your job. Even the busiest people in the world know that a part of staying mentally strong means cultivating a meaningful life for yourself outside of work. Whether it’s a friend or family member, connecting with someone important to you at the start of your day helps maintain healthy relationships, and it can also give your day perspective, while keeping your spirits up while you work.”

I am always amazed when I read these articles when the number one factor influencing potential executives is social media is not being addressed. Today, because it starts so young, many millennials develop their lives around it. It gets to a point that they do not separate their professional life from their personal life. I have grandchildren who are so focused on their smartphones that they only look away when they want to avoid running into something. Even when they eat they can’t tear themselves away from the devices. Is that all going to change when they are in management positions?

Connecting with someone important to you” is never the problem, because you are free to connect with whomever you wish. It is HOW you connect that is at issue. When I am talking to a person directly, I don’t want the distraction of smartphones, tablets, etc. I want a direct one-on-one conversation. This is becoming more and more difficult as I am seeing in many of the TV shows conversations going on with one person on his/her computer while the other stands or sits at his/her desk. Such images reinforce the behavior among the young and impressionable. Image how hard it is to break the habit when these kids join the workforce.

Thus, the only advice I would add is — break the reliance on technology when conversing in person. And rediscover the pleasure (and sometimes pain) in communicating directly.

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