7 Ways To Instantly Feel 10X Better
Darius Foroux

Give Yourself A Compliment

Watch Something Funny

Listen to 80s music

Do Pushups or Go for A Walk

Meet/Call Your Joyous Friend

Make Fun of Yourself

Lie Down in Public

I have to admit this is the most original list of energy boosters I have seen to date. I have done everything on this list at one time or another, but it the last one on your list that taught me a very valuable lesson.

When I was in college I took down-hill skiing lessons. One gorgeous Saturday afternoon I decided to hit the slopes by myself and see how well I could manage on my own. After a couple of hours of skiing down the slopes (and being rather proud of my accomplishments) I got back to the top of the slope and decided to rest. I found a deserted spot, took of my skies and laid down in the snow. I had just about fallen asleep when I heard this shriek. Two girls had wandered off the trail when they came upon me and thought I was hurt. I jumped up, put back on my skies, reassuring them the whole time that I was alright, and scurried on down the slope.

Yes, I have laid down in public but there can be unintended consequences.

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