Finding Strength in Vulnerability
Sidra Mahmood

“Having my family go through an eviction and not being able to talk about it to even a single soul in my vicinity was not only painful but torturous!”

This is absolutely amazing that you were surrounded by 70+ individuals, making no effort to meet any one of them, and for some reason you had no one to share this ‘painful eviction’ with. I wonder why? Maybe you didn’t give any of them a chance. You certainly like to share from the safety of your home, but I doubt if you would be this open if I were meet you in person.

“I somehow felt that everyone around me was either pretending that their lives were perfect and even if they were not, most people refused to take off their masks leaving me in a world where it felt that there was something only wrong with me and nobody else.” And since you never bothered to visit with them, neither they nor you were given the opportunity to remove the masks.

There is something you overlooked during this academic retreat by not interacting with those attending and that is: you failed to give anyone the opportunity to get out of themselves by learning about you, and you the opportunity to get out of yourself by learning about them. You are so preoccupied with yourself that you deny yourself the opportunity to meet and enjoy the company of others. All these trust and vulnerability issues that you have will only subside once you start focusing on others. And once you get lost in conversation these insecurities will melt away.

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