The Joy of Being 30-Something
Smiley Poswolsky

“In your thirties, you’re confident of your strengths, but more importantly, you own your weaknesses. In your thirties, you replace your excuses with your truth. What a joy to treat your body and your heart with more compassion, to get closer to who you are and what you want, to stay in on Friday night, and to spend time with the people you actually want to spend time with.”

The one thing I am very grateful for is that I didn’t marry until I was 30. My wife keeps telling me that she wished she met me earlier, and I keep reminding her that we would never have survived each other at an earlier age. I agree with Smiley that there is a sea change when I hit 30. I am not sure why, but it is very apparent.

When we got married I lost my job because the company folded. My wife worked at the local high school and she was laid off for the summer. Money was super tight and we had just bought a house. Could I have been able to keep it together if I were several years younger? I doubt it, but like Smiley writes “I am confident with my strengths and I am able to handle my weaknesses at 30.”

It took 4 long years before I got into my chosen profession (IT) and I have been there ever since. Those 4 years were certainly tough, and I held some very unsavory positions, but I made it work. I went back to school to hone my programming skills so when the economy improved I was ready to go.

So now I reflect back on my 30’s with amazement that I survived them financially. But I also have some very fond memories as well.