Generally, everyone has a right to ask, anything.

The only natives to America are the Indians, the rest of us are transplants. Seeing people with all kinds of ethnic backgrounds is not surprising, but there are definite areas in this country where certain ethnic backgrounds are rarely found. The Orientals dominate the West Coast so when you see them in New England you are surprised. You may suspect that they are tourists, but not that they live there. And that would also apply to Latinos. There are many places in Africa and Asia who would be very surprised to see Caucasians.

I have lived in the following states:

§ California (18 years)

§ Oregon (5 years)

§ North Dakota (8 years)

§ New York (26 years),

§ Connecticut (2 years),

§ Ohio (8 years)

Now which state do I belong to? Which state should I be from? In chronological order I am from California, but I spent about 27% of my life there. I spent 39% of my life in New York. And I have only spent 12% of my life in Ohio. Yet Ohio is my current home.

Where this becomes difficult is when I cannot tell origin based on physical features. For example: I had a roommate from Tokyo and he met and befriended a guy from China. Though they could tell the difference I could not. And my roommate could not tell the differences among us. Had I been raised in Tokyo or China I could have, but not by being raised in the US. And this applies to foreigners visiting or relocating anywhere in the world.

The one thing I don’t confuse is my identity with my current address. I am an American, born in this country and will always be that. If your fiancée is Chinese-Canadian then so be it. I will never apologize for who I say I am. If those asking the question have issues, they have to get over them. Besides, it helps them expand their understanding of world around them. I am, in this capacity, an ambassador.