10 Steps to 10x Personal Growth this Year
Richie Norton

“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” All of our hopes and dreams will never be achieved if we are afraid to fail. Why? Fear keeps us stuck; fear keeps us from ever leaving the starting gate. A horse that doesn’t set foot on the track is certainly never going to cross the finish line, let alone win the race. Don’t be afraid. You may fail. But, that’s OK. Find comfort and courage in the promise that each failure (great or small) is not a stumbling block. Rather, it’s a stepping stone moving us one step closer to the life we desire most.”

One of the best ways to attack the fear of failure is to draft a proposal of what you want to pursue, how and why, and share it with close friends and family. You may get some wonderful feedback as to how to go about making your dream a reality. You will also receive warnings as to what stumbling blocks you may run into. This will not only overcome your fear, but it will objectify what you want to do and how to pursue it. You may even get volunteers to help you.

Another benefit from this approach is twofold: you will learn the difference between criticism of your proposal and criticism of yourself. You will learn how to take advice and run with it. Hopefully, even if you decide not to do the project, it should help you with your self-esteem. You will be a lot better educated on what and how to formulate your next proposal.

Are cheerleaders helpful? Yes and no. If you develop a team to work on your proposal, you want as honest and as insightful feedback as possible. Every opinion matters, but only if they are focused on the project and not on your success. Cheerleaders can be too focused on the latter and overlook pitfalls that may sabotage your work. Naysayers can have the same effect.

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