smile, you bitch: being a woman in 2015
Nora McInerny Purmort

“Well, here is my weakness: I’m alive and I’m a person. I don’t like when assholes tell me to smile, I don’t like being told to be quiet and I don’t like having to turn the other cheek because strangers on the internet could doxx me or light me up all day long because they don’t like big mean feminists.”

I taught a computer class years ago when during one class I was asked, “how do you stay safe on the internet?” I replied, “never go on it and you will be fine. No one will harass you. No one will steel from you. No one will take your identity from you. You will be safe. Otherwise you will have to do due diligence over whatever you place on your computer because those on the internet can be very invasive when they want to.” Here is one case in point:

Nora, I am afraid you are seeing the most abusive side of social media. You are certainly not the only woman who gets treated like this, as my case in point illustrates. It is one of the many reasons why I stay away from Twitter and Facebook. Whenever you express your discontent the backlash can be enormous. It is like the sound bites used against politicians during an election year. You really have to have thick skin if you want to jump into that arena, and I’m sorry to say social media.

The beauty of websites like Medium is that you can fully discuss your discontent. No word limit that may force you to cut back on explaining the “why” of your anger. You may still get irritating comments back, but there will be no missing the point of your rage.

I am glad you spoke out and I wish men would grow up, but I don’t expect that will happen any time soon.