Don’t dismiss people. It doesn’t pay.
Jon Westenberg 🌈

“When you just dismiss people out of hand, when you don’t consider them as people, sooner or later you’re going to miss out on some incredible opportunities.”

In 2010 my place of employment was sold off because the owners wanted to focus on their core products. Because of the recession I joined several job search groups in order to find my next job. One of the tenants of these groups was/is networking. Whenever attending job fairs reach out to as many people as I can in the hopes that one of them may provide me a lead to my next job. I never got very far with this approach, but it echoes what the author maintains.

I have seen some hot-headed managers and CEOs lose clients because of their dismissive attitude. I have also seen some very talented employees leave for the same reason. Dismissive people are also very arrogant. Their sense of superiority turns off an awful lot of people — especially if they are very smart. They end up very much alone, while blaming everyone else for being so stand-offish.

The saddest fact is: it is very hard for these individuals to see what kind of environment they are creating around them, let along changing their attitude toward others. One of the best examples of this takes place in the movie ‘Beastly’. One of the most arrogant individuals you will ever meet is humbled to a point where the arrogance is broken — it is a very agonizing and gratifying process.

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