I’m pleased to report that he took that advice to heart.
As blue crabs were to Lisa Renee, so was bacon to me.
Mac McCarty

A wise child.

Yes, I frequently make the assertion that all the best food memories come from childhood. It’s based on really good information. An old guy told me that. He used the age 15, as in “All the best food memories come from before age 15 because your taste buds…” That old guy went to Dartmouth and has a Master’s degree from Harvard… in urban planning. He buys gin by the case and can cook shad roe. In other words, an authority!

I buy a pig each year but I don’t raise it. I just got a e-mail saying that I should visit my pig while it is still on the hoof. When I get the pig butchered, they ask me if I want the fat. One year I got the fat with the idea that I would render it into lard and use it for cooking.

Like many domestic daydreams, I bagged out when the work should have started. I threw out all the fat. Now I don’t get it. I don’t know what the butcher does with my portion.

Hanging laundry out to dry, pressing cider, making my own pickles and jam, fermenting sauerkraut; these are things I promise to myself I will do if I am financially ruined. It’s a way of saying, “it won’t be so bad, will it?”

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