10 Reasons Why McNuggets Are Good For You
Alana Hope Levinson

Alana, You forgot to turn off comments. The virus marketing guys at the clown factory for THE CLIENT are going to have a cow. I know they OK’d the horse comment (thanks to your brilliant slide of Versailles), but there is no way they they are going to be cool with vegan trolls being able to tear down the brand in the comments.

Also, I thought you were going to leave in the thing about “how may nuggs can you stuff in YOUR mouf?” on the last item. I have the youtube videos ready to upload. One of the kids down at the Boy’s Club got 21 of those fucking things in his maw before he started to choke. It was epic. I already have a fail video completed where a girl in a bathing suit barfs up a bunch of THE COMPETITORS chicken sticks.

Anyway, great work on this. One of the VPs is thinking about putting us on the Pepsi account. Fritos. Pepsi owns Fritos. I’m not going to need viagra for a month!

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