It’s very rare that someone has a true ‘religious experience’ in church.
A religion that takes me there
Jonas Ellison

Almost everything in the Episcopalian services I attend helps check the inevitable attenuation of my experience of God. The church, the hymns, the psalms, the Book of Common Prayer, and the mass are all helpful. The liturgical calendar helps too. The fact that it is Lent had some part in me deciding to respond here.

American Christianity is a wide tent. I love my church. In addition to services, community suppers, and social events, I participate in a weekly class with six women that is part of a four year program of theological reflection.

I feel fortunate to find helpful expression of my religion in the symbols and intellectual constructs of the Church. I have been to Palm Sunday service over 50 times. This year, the sights, smells, and symbols will do what they have always done; help me better understand and experience the love of a trinitarian God.

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