Best Oldchella Discovery So Far

I’m Now Obsessed with Finding the Funny

Gersh Kuntzman of the Daily News

Created a list of songs being sung at Desert Trip. Here is a partial list:

An asterisk denotes a Gutbloom pick.

The Who
You Will Get Fooled Again!
Cash, Reign o’er Me
No Bargain
However Much You Boo
You Better You Better Forget
The Kids Are in Plight

Neil Young
Pot of Gold*
During the Gold Rush
A Man Needs His Pay*
Mr. Sold
Cowgirl Costs a Grand
Are You Ready for the Big Prix
Down With My Giver
The Fees’ll Make the Damage Done
Rockin’ Not a Free World
Cinnabun Girl*
Cortez the Shiller*
These Tix Can Break Your Bank

Paul McCartney
You’ll Always Give Me Your Money
All You Need is Cash
Give and Then Die
Eleanor Big Fee*
Fool and Her Bills*
I Saw Her Spending There
I’ve Just Bought a Place

Bob Dylan
The Tunes They are a Chargin’
All Along the Banktower
My Bank Pages*
Positively Wall Street*
One More Cup of $10 Coffee*
I’m Gonna Make You Poorer When I Go
Talkin’ Big Ripoff Blues
Pay, Lady, Pay*
Visions of Greenspan-a

The Rolling Stones
Gimme Shekles
Jumpin’ Jack Cash*
Honky Tonk Wallets
Let’s Spend Your Cash Together*
It’s Only Rock ‘N Roll (And Expensive!)
19th Concert Shakedown*

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