Why does everything you say make so much damn sense? 🙏
Ezinne Ukoha


Thanks for this comment, but I have to confess that, to me, weighing in on Backchannel about Medium was a failure. It’s a failure because I try very hard not to write about real things, except in the most deflecting, safest possible, way. The reason I’m so careful is because I want to have fun and goof around on Medium. I don’t want to get caught up in any nonsense.

You may have no interest in comic books, but Thaddeus Howze wrote a great post:

And some of the comments led to meaningful discussions, but the trolls came out, and they came out first. So, for a while, he had written this great post and the only response was just awful. The kind of comments that make me sick to my stomach because they betray such a chasm of understanding. All I could think was, “I wouldn’t even bother if I was him.”

So, I make sense because I try not to write about any controversial topics or ideas that I’m conflicted about.

You, on the other hand, write about things that matter. It’s one thing to be a soul blogger, it’s quite another to be a soul blogger with courage.

The world understands me. You have a much tougher job. As is clear from that post above, Thaddeus Howze would have to climb a mountain of explanation to get a fraction of the slack that I am granted.

Your posts make sense to me to, but even when they seem not to, I figure it is me that has to move my square, not you.

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