I don’t respond to posts in writing unless they strike a chord within that demands words in return…
Mary Abel

Hah! You don’t know what restraint it takes for me not to write, “And perhaps you are an overly fussy school marm who should get off my lawn,” but I’m not going to write that because this is Medium and I’m trying to be good. I’m being good, ain’t I??

You obviously know nothing about me, otherwise you wouldn’t have bothered to SmartGirlSplain that responses aren’t mandatory on the Medium. I know I don’t have to respond, I just can’t help myself!

Don’t bother to click the link. I don’t mind repeating myself. I am a Summer Troll (Trogloditus Auxo), and you have caught me sleepy in my off season. I’d love to argue, but the torpor from my semi-hibernation combined with a diet too rich in beef has left me in a bad mental state to pick any fights, so I guess I’ll just have to take this one on the chin.

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